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NOTE: The GCPH is now officially reopen for screenings. We have two community cinema screenings a week: Monday at 17:30 and Wednesday at 19:15. You can book a seat on our Now Booking page, we have a limited capacity of 25 seats, so book now to ensure you don’t miss out. Our film chats continue on Thursday’s at 19:15, use the link below to access them. The password is in our programme.


We will be discussing the following films this week here on Zoom at 19:15, as well as the films from our screenings this week on Monday and Wednesday.

All are welcome to participate in the film chats. You do not have to have watched any or all of the films. It’s a casual, social and free-flowing conversation lasting around 45minutes each week.

Loving (2016)/ BBC iPlayer

Loving (2016)

Director Jeff Nichols (TAKE SHELTER, MUD, SHOTGUN STORIES) changes direction slightly with this quietly moving romantic period drama about Richard and Mildred Loving, a Virginian couple whose interracial marriage puts them at odds with the anti-miscegenation laws of the state. Joel Edgerton and Ruth Negga give superbly understated performances as the apolitical couple whose love for each other inadvertently puts them right at the heart of the 1960s fight for civil rights. Never overdramatising, Nichols film is a pitch perfect example of how to tell era-defining stories with an empathetic and deeply intimate gaze. Available on BBC iPlayer here.

NOTE: Contains racist language and scenes of racially-motivated violence.

Locked In: Breaking the Silence (2020)/ BBC iPlayer

Locked In: Breaking the Silence (2020)

What is it like to have a medical condition that nobody can tell you how you have contracted it, no-one can give you any advice about how to defeat it and for which there is no known cure? Filmmaker Xavier Alford finds himself asking these questions when he is diagnosed as suffering from Guillain-Barré syndrome. In this brave documentary Alford confronts his condition head-on by training his camera on those coping with life under its shadow. Most startlingly he allows us to understand a little of what it must feel like to deal with this debilitating and dangerous condition. – Available on BBC iPlayer as part of the Storyville strand here.

NOTE: Contains bad language and scenes of illness.

Help and Assistance

If you need any assistance at all with setting up iPlayer or All4 accounts. Or if you are having any issues with accessing the weekly links, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with Ewan or Rohan at the Email: film@grassmarket.org.

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