Grassmarket Community Picture House

The Grassmarket Community Picture House (GCPH) began life in 2015 as part of the programme of free social events run by the Grassmarket Community Project. Following on from the community’s open door drop-in meal, CEO Jonny Kinross would run an evening film screening once a week.

Since 2018 Rohan Berry Crickmar has helped to programme and run this much-loved weekly community event. In September 2019 the GCPH won the Community Cinema of the Year award at the 50th Film Society of the Year Awards, read more here.

As of February 2020 the GCPH has welcomed Ewan McCorry on to the team as co-programmer and co-ordinator.

The GCPH provides all screenings to its community and supporters free of charge, working in conjunction with Filmbank Media, Cinema for All, Glasgow Short Film Festival, Africa in Motion, Edinburgh Short Film Festival, the Scottish Documentary Institute and Take One Action Film Festival, among others. In the recent past the GCPH has hosted special one-off screenings of the films Solidarity, Freedom Fields and Dirt Road to Lafayette.

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