Reopening the Grassmarket Community Picture House

All being well we intend to be reopening the GCPH for screenings on May 17th, with the timely and hard-hitting film THE ASSISTANT (2019). Through the month of May and June, we have been given the okay to do two screenings a week. Ewan & Rohan have put together a programme of screenings taking us through to the end of June. The proposed days for screenings are Mondays & Wednesdays. What we would like to know from you our faithful audience and supporters is what kind of timings you would like for the screenings.

Our Wednesday screening will still take place at 19:15 after the community meal, but we were wondering whether people would be interested in a late afternoon screening on Monday, or an earlier evening screening. We’ve put together a small poll below with suggested timings. If you could vote for your preferred option by Friday 23rd April 12:00pm and we will schedule in accordance with the time that has the most votes.

Looking forward to seeing you all back in our venue, safely, in a few weeks time.

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