Scary Adult Things with Duncan Cowles

We here at the Grassmarket Community Picture House are always happy to promote interesting new projects from Scottish creatives and filmmakers. Edinburgh-based doc maker Duncan Cowles’ – whose short film Just Agree Then we screened in 2019 at the GCPH – has a great new six-part doc series available on BBC iPlayer.

Taking his inimitable diffidently curious documentary approach to the everyday realities around him, Duncan casts his eye on a litany of issues affecting millennials as they hit their 30s, such as health & fitness, finding a place of your own and drinking culture. All six episodes are currently up on iPlayer and you can access them here.

And if you’ve ever wondered exactly how ‘adult’ you really are then Duncan will put you to the test with a fun wee quiz that you can find here. Also, we encourage all our members to look out for Duncan’s forthcoming debut documentary feature Silent Men, in which he takes a long, hard look at issues surrounding male mental health.

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