Coming Soon – Trailer No. 4: The Assistant

Continuing our regular series of posts about New Releases that may be of interest to our audience. Take a look at the trailer below and feel free to vote whether or not you would like to see this at the GCPH in 2021, when we are finally able to come together again for regular film screenings

The Assistant (2019)
Dir: Kitty Green
Coming in the vapour trail of the #MeToo movement and the well-publicised Hollywood scandals surrounding the likes of Harvey Weinstein and Bryan Singer, Kitty Green’s excruciatingly tense drama of an entry level PA in a production company, was one of the revelations of the immediate pre-Covid festival circuit. The fantastic Julia Garner (Electrick Children, Grandma, Ozark) stars as Jane, a young professional looking to get her first toehold on the industry ladder with an entry-level job at a production company. Resisting the temptation to sensationalise the power dynamics of the contemporary office workplace, Green’s film derives so much of its power from the attention it gives the little micro-aggressions and pervasive toxicity of male-dominated and heavily hierarchical office culture. Below we have a very involving interview with director Kitty Green at Get Into Film.

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